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My Browstiful | Microblading | Permanent makeup 78249 | Eyelash | pt7

My Browstiful - Microblading 78249 - Permanent makeup 78249 - Eyelash - San Antonio TX : The average lasting of Eyebrow Shading is two years, depending on different factors such as skin type and lifestyle.

Permanent makeup is using a 0.2mm vibrating needle injector and implanting pigment into the upper layer of the skin. The needle will penetrate the skin, that’s why you will experience swelling after that.

There are some good and bad things that you should and should not do after permanent makeup, this blog will help you have an easier healing process and get the very best results ever!


Pick scabs:
in the healing process, your skin will be renewed, scabs will appear in the first few weeks, but don’t touch it or the color will be lost, let it be, do not picking, peeling or scratching (follow my advice or you gonna get some scar there on your skin).

your skin is really sensitive now, it is not a good time to apply any foundation or concealer, no makeup for 7 - 14 days or until the treated area is 100% healed (actually some natural mineral makeup can be applied, but if it isn’t really necessary, forget it).

Wet your skin:
this is the most taboo thing, get your procedure area away from water. Try to keep the shower water from it, but somehow if it gets wet, just PAT it dry (never rub or you will disturb the skin from healing), using a clean lint-free tissue.


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