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My Browstiful - Microblading 78249 - Permanent makeup 78249 - Eyelash - San Antonio TX : Eyebrows have the ability to bring out the most of your features, give your face proportion and frame your eyes beautifully.

Microblading vs. Microshading (Ombre, Powder)

Are you looking for a semi-permanent makeup service, but not sure how Microblading differs from Microshading (Ombre, Powder)? Both types of techniques implant pigment into your skin, but differ in how the pigment is delivered.

Is Microshading better than Microblading?

It depends, but mostly no. Neither is better or worse than the other because what's right for one person may not be better for another. Technically speaking, based on your skin type, one technique may be better than the other.

But if your skin takes well to both techniques, you should make your decision based on the eyebrow look you want as part of your daily makeup routine.

Microshading eyebrows cost more than microblading, $50-100 more on average because it usually takes 30 minutes longer to complete.

But microbladed brows require more frequent touch-ups since it fades faster because the pigment is implanted in a shallower depth of the skin.

Microshading works out to be cheaper and saves you more time in the long run because less touch ups are needed.


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